Player Information

IGN: thatn3rdch1ck

 June, 2017

Location: Boise, Idaho

Age: 20

"Dying doesn't mean Game Over, it means try again with experience."



Hi, I'm Madi it's nice to meet cha'! I'm a 20-something college kid studying Gaming, Interactive Media and Mobile Technologies, or GIMM for short.
I grew up playing video games with my big brother and always felt like they were a great way to bring people together. They have always brought a smile to my face, and I want to show others how enjoyable they can be. I love too many games to name just one as my favorite so here are a few, Halo: Combat Evolved, Resident Evil 4, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, The ENTIRE Uncharted Series, Overwatch, and Smite. Not only do I love video game, but I also love anime, cosplay, and pretty much anything else Japanese. I'm a huge otaku, and it really shows at times. If you run into me at a convention I can pretty much guarantee you I'll be decked out in cosplay.