May 17, 2016, 02:29:55 PM
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Just want to put down a list of rules that everyone can come back to if need be, and remember, if you're not sure of a rule either ask a Moderator or don't post.

No Spamming, this includes bumping threads, spamming people with PMs, or other behavior which could be considered harassment
NSFW content is allowed, but must be marked as such in the title. Example: "[NSFW] Look at this picture." However, content such as gore, scat, pornography, and any other questionable content is prohibited, and will result in either a warning, suspension, or perma-ban of your account that will not be subject to review.
Swearing, cursing and other lewd language is okay, as long as it's not directed at any one group or individual. Hate speech, racism, or other targeted hate is not acceptable, and will result in an immediate ban
Disrespecting a moderator or administrator is a big no-no. This does not mean that questioning an admin/mod or asking for clarification is against the rules, but berating a Mod/Admin constantly about a decision they have made, or being rude/offensive is out of the question. Doing so will likely result in a warning, too many warnings and you'll be banned.
If you have been banned, received a suspension/warning, do NOT flame/spam the mods - our decisions are final and you'll just be wasting your time
External links are fine, as long as they adhere to the rest of the sites rules, use good judgement and ask a Moderator if you're unsure.
If you post fan art/fan made creations, you must attribute a source, preferably to the person who created said content, sometimes that's not possible, but try you're best to present a source.
This list will be updated on occasion, so make sure to check back sometimes.
Words are hard.

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