Hello again +100 Gamers! Here is a recap of this week in NA LCS.

So this week I mainly want to cover the top four teams in the standings, being: Team Envy (NV), Team SoloMid (TSM), Immortals (IMT), and Cloud 9 (C9). So first up we have NV, who I believe just played their first difficult series this week. This week NV had to take on one of the many teams tied for first with Apex (APX). This series turned into a 2-1 in favor of NV, and answered some questions fans may have had coming into this week. NV showed that they can dominate even teams at the top of the rankings with this series having 2 games were they absolutely demolished their opponents and even beat them at their own game, securing numerous neutral objectives. NV is a team to watch out for but they get to face an even bigger challenge next week having to face off with another one of the top teams, IMT. They also later get to take on last split’s champions, CLG; this week we’ll get to really see what this new up and coming team is made of and if they can hold on to their top spot.

Next up is TSM, the titan of old. TSM has been around for quite some time, but I believe this to be the best they’ve ever played. TSM has really come together with the addition of Biofrost, they even took down IMT this week securing them that tie for the number one spot. TSM has come alive this split and are ready to show that they should be the ones to represent North America for international play. Hopefully TSM can keep up this intensity and level of play moving forward, because watching them this season has been an amazing feeling to see them performing so well.

Now I’ll go on to one of the teams tied for a third place spot with IMT. IMT had a great showing last split and have still been great this one too, having a 3-1 record thus far. IMT has many individually strong players, who when they come together perform very well. However, I still think they need to work on some of their team cohesion if they really want to best some of these other top teams, like TSM who bested them this week. I hope to see more great things coming up from them as we plunge head first into the rest of this season. They get a tough challenge this upcoming week with NV which could make their record into 3-2, but they get to follow up facing a lower team in Echo Fox as well. This will be an interesting week for them soon and only time can tell how this team will progress moving forward.

Last up for these top four teams is the other third place contender C9. C9 has been playing out of their mind since that first series loss to IMT. Most recently C9 crushed CLG (the former champions) in a 2-0 series, demolishing this team and showing why they are one of the teams at the top of the standings. C9 has been doing great with the addition of Impact, a very dynamic top laner who has been showing some great play this split. The other interesting aspect to watch has been the constant switching of supports even with big wins. Bunny FuFuu and Smoothie have both had great performances, and it’s hard to know what the team will do moving forward. However, it’s really been the stepping up in shot calling from Jensen who even had it pointed out by the casters how great it was on a particular play he and Meteos had in mid. With all this in mind, I am hopeful to see C9 possibly be back on top of NA after so long. Another team to watch, it’s hard to know where things will go from here.

Thanks for reading everybody, I hope you all keep tuning into my weekly vlog and article as we move forward in NA LCS and hope to see you all coming back for more moving forward. Thanks!

Article by: Kevin Kelley