Hello +100 Gamers! Here’s what happened this week in NA LCS!

There were a lot of interesting games, and even a few upsets this week. Let’s start out by talking about who I put as the winner of Summer Split overall, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). CLG didn’t perform nearly as well this week as was expected of them. Going 0-2 this week, CLG is one of the few teams tied for 7th place at the bottom of the standings. CLG was beaten by TSM, who played amazingly this week, in the first series to kick off this split. They lost the best of 3 series 2-1 in favor of TSM. CLG had similar results playing against Apex, who finished this week 2-0. CLG just couldn’t get things going this week, though CLG has had a history of having a rocky start, so we’ll just have to watch and see where they go from here.

Next up I’m gonna go into the team I had placed second with Cloud 9. Cloud 9 finished this week 1-1, having to take on Immortals (IMT) and Echo Fox (FOX). C9 had a well fought battle with IMT finishing 2-1 in favor of IMT. They had many long games, but their win against these titans was pretty dominating, and showed that C9 is at the same level as the other top teams. They did well playing with their new players and had a 2-1 victory over FOX to get them tied for 5th place with a 1-1 record and a pretty decent performance for their first week.

Now I’ll go into Team SoloMid (TSM), they had a good 2-0 start to this split. TSM managed to take down CLG as I went into earlier. These were some long, drawn-out games, but TSM seems to be performing quite well with the addition of their new support. Biofrost has been having great synergy with the team and helped TSM get off to a great start. TSM also had a 2-0 series, dominating Team Liquid with very convincing victories.

And the team I had finishing 4th place overall for the entire split, IMT. IMT finished how they were expected to for the first week, with a 2-0 record. Beyond just the victory over C9, they absolutely destroyed Phoenix1, leaving them in a great position moving forward. IMT is off to a great start this split and have been showing why they finished with a 17-1 record last split.Lastly I want to go over IMT’s second opponents over this split in Phoenix1 (P1). P1 right now has been my most correct prediction so far finishing 0-2 this week, and getting beaten 2-0 in each series they were in. P1 is just going to have a harder and harder time moving forward if they keep playing the way they did this week.

Thanks for reading, everyone! For a more in depth analysis of what happened this week in NA LCS check out my video attached to this article.

Article by: Kevin Kelley