Hello +100 followers and eSports fans, today I’m going to be giving a breakdown on my predictions for the North American LCS Summer Split and how I think each team will fare. With games starting up the first week of June, little time is left before we will actually get to see how things will play out live. Until then we can only make an educated guess as to who will rise to the top, and who may be facing relegation. First up I want to talk about who I think will finish at the top of NA LCS, or at least who the team to beat is. That team is Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). CLG won Spring Split earlier this year and then had an amazing showing at the Mid Season Invitational. The experience gained while there, and then at a Korean bootcamp recently has given them an edge over the competition, and I expect them to be quick to the punch this split. Their team centric gameplay has led many to becoming their fans, and given some hope back to North America to compete well internationally. There are a few other teams who are definitely on top of their game as well; the three who I believe not far behind CLG are: Cloud 9 (C9), Team SoloMid (TSM), and Team Immortals (IMT).

Looking first at C9 here, they finished well last split and then have spent all their time getting ready to try and take first at Summer Split. Their time was also spent in a Korean bootcamp, and they seem ready to take on the competition now more than ever. C9 has had a slew of roster changes that have been a long time in coming. The first being that their beloved jungler from when they started is back, Meteos. Meteos tried out again for C9 and it went well, earning him a spot back on this amazing team. Another big change has been Hai finally stepping down and Bunny Fufuu stepping up. Bunny will be the main support for C9 going into this split and seems to have gained some synergy with the team and is amped to step up to the plate. There is also a change for C9 in the top lane in the form of Impact taking the reins from Balls. He has been practicing with the team as of late, and seems to be doing well with them. The last change for C9, and perhaps the most impactful, is their new coach: Reapered. Reapered once played for the powerhouse that is SKT T1 before transitioning to a coaching role, and is now considered one of the best coaches in the world. All C9 Players agreed that he is the best and most effective coach they have had the pleasure of working with. With all these changes and so much practice, C9 is poised to try and reclaim their spot back at the top.
Next up is TSM, the likely third place of this Summer Split. TSM has recently replaced their support Yellowstar. Yellowstar grew homesick for Europe, and with his first season NA ending the way it did, who could blame him. But this might be for the best as Doublelift and Yellowstar didn’t have the best synergy in the botlane. However, their new support Biofrost seems to be doing the trick. TSM also spent some time in a Korean bootcamp to improve their play and get used to their new support, but struggled towards the end with many of their Scrimmages. Even with those struggles, TSM looks ready to take on what North America has to offer once again.
Last but not least of my picks for the top four of this split is IMT. IMT had an amazing 17-1 regular season record in the spring only losing one game prior to playoffs to CLG. This team has a whole slew of powerhouses on their roster from Huni to Pobelter to Wildturtle. They are strong and ready to come out swinging once again. They lost their first playoff series to the historic TSM and ended their Spring Split with that. I did now hear about this team’s practice in the offseason, and couldn’t find out if they too went to a Korean bootcamp or not. They still are a force to be reckoned with and only time will tell what is in store for this group of talented young gamers.
Now I will give a full list ranked in order of how all the teams will finish, but for a more in depth analysis about each team and why I put them in each spot check out my predictions video in this article. Thanks for reading!

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG)
Cloud 9 (C9)
Team SoloMid (TSM)
Team Immortals (IMT)
Team Liquid (TL)
NRG Esports (NRG)
Apex (APX)
Echo Fox (FOX)
Team Envy (NV)
Phoenix 1 (P1)

Article by: Kevin Kelley