Kingdom Hearts Review with That N3rd Chick


Before we go any further I feel as though I should inform you all that this is my first time playing through Kingdom Hearts. You can’t blame me it came out when I was five, FIVE!


Kingdom Hearts was originally released in September of 2002. In September of 2013 as part of the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 collection.


Just by hearing how old the game really is I was worried before I started playing. How bad were the graphics going to be? This game is fifteen years old. Needless to say, I was quickly proven wrong, the opening cinematic is done so beautify I had chills watching it. The colors, the atmosphere, the music, it all just drew me right in. Every cut scene is rendered crisp, smooth, and with vibrant color bursting out of the screen.


Not only are the cuts scenes fantastic but so is the open landscape of the game itself. When traveling from point A to point be the environment is drawn with just enough detail to make it interesting without making it overwhelming. However, getting from point to point be was a bit of a pain if it involved jumping at all. Up until Sora and the gang learn how to double jump it’s really annoying to get anywhere up high. Sora takes being vertically inclined to a new level. Also, if you have to climb aboard the gummi ship be prepared for some frustration as you fly to the next planet. I should also note that your camera often decides it’s got the perfect angle to view you…. from behind a wall. But beyond these three problems, most of the gameplay mechanics were smooth and easy to use.


The combat system was basically button mashing with select moves you’ve learned. Nothing to overly complicated. The leveling up system was independent and happened automatically, so there was no need a complex tree of moves and abilities to upgrade. However, swapping out gear was your own job, and sometimes it caused problems for me.


For example, I wouldn’t swap out my key blade for the newest one and would get my butt whooped by a boss for it. Most of the boss fights were pretty easy to get through once I had figured that out. They each had blatant weaknesses that you are able to exploit fairly fast to win. Some boss fights were a little tricky due to either being in underwater, or aerial combat and were a tad buggy. Still, this was a nice added challenge that wasn’t hard to overcome.


As a whole, it took me about 27 hours to beat Kingdom Hearts. That is about how long it takes me to beat most JRPG games that I have played. Because the game offers multiple levels of difficulty it has a decent amount of replay value. Whether it’s to try it on a harder level, collect all the extra items, or to just simply repeat the amazing story of Kingdom Hearts. However, do wish there was an added bonus for restarting the game.


Game Score:

Visual Effects 10/10

Game Mechanics: 7/10

Combat: 8/10

Storyline: 10/10

Replay Value: 7/10

Overall : 8.4

Author: That N3rd Chick

Author: That N3rd Chick